About me


I’m Jolanda Sanapo. I travel because for me it is just like breathing… It makes me alive.

When I go around the world I am exactly what I am, because I can take off the masks that real life makes me wear everyday and I’m alone surrounded by new tastes, perfumes, pictures.

My passions are dancing, painting, fashion, photography, and tattoos – all of which I can call art. I can’t live without music. I can’t think about a world where I can’t dance, create, or travel because all of those things keep me alive and make me breathe.

I started working in a travel agency in 1999. I’d just finished high school and I didn’t know the world yet, because I’d only traveled around Europe on school trips. When I started to work there I suddenly found myself in a world that was completely new and amazing for me! During those years travel agencies were very popular and a lot of customers came to organize the perfect trip. Of course, we had to know what we sold and for that reason the most famous tour operators gave us free tours all around the world, which were called “educationals”. Yes, I was very very lucky because I could visit amazing places for free. I can remember my first unforgettable tour to Mauritius. It was my first work trip and it was a dream come true. I began to go far away for my holidays. I needed to travel and see what there was outside of Europe and I started to see wonderful places, which previously I had only seen on television. Anyway, in 2001 the worst episode in recent history, the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, created a crisis in the world of tourism and after that the rise of the internet helped to close a lot of travel agencies. From that moment, even if there have been a lot of changes in my life, I’ve never given up traveling and this passion has become stronger. So I decided to write a blog to show what I see in every place I go and what I feel and taste. I would like to show behind my dreamer eyes the places I love.

Another of my passions is fashion. I’m a fashion designer and I always find a lot of inspiration to create unique clothes. When I travel I love to observe the street style and I try to recreate and work out what I saw. Whether in the big city or in the countryside you can always learn a lot about fabrics, prints, ideas, colors and oufits. I think that all the world is a real school where you can learn about art, and I want to learn as much as possible to enrich my mind and soul.

I live in my world, which is made of animations, fantastic creatures, and fairies. I find it hard sometime to understand where I am, because I can travel with my mind and reach other realities. I love to dream about magic places where everything is possible and the universal language is dancing or painting. I can’t imagine living far away from nature and animals, even if I lived in big and grey city. When I leave Milan I have to be in contact with my universe.

I’ve already lived a lot of adventures and I want to continue to feel the adrenalin in my veins, to keep me alive!